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With this EBook, you will learn the following:

pick-300x260 Beginner Chords & Scales EbookHow To Play The Most Important Beginner Chords

pick-300x260 Beginner Chords & Scales EbookThe names of all of the notes on all 6 strings

pick-300x260 Beginner Chords & Scales EbookUnderstand Proper Hand Placement On The Guitar

pick-300x260 Beginner Chords & Scales EbookHow To Play Minor & Major Scales

pick-300x260 Beginner Chords & Scales EbookAlternative versions of the most popular chords that are more useful and easier to play than the traditional methods.


This Ebook is packed full of crucial information that you need to know to play guitar and will get you well on your way to playing your favorite songs quickly and easily!

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