New video lesson uploaded to Youtube: How to play “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran

Beginner Guitar Lesson

In this beginner guitar lesson / guitar tutorial we teach you how to play Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran on guitar. This is a great song with a catchy melody and a nice finger style guitar part played by Ed Sheeran that has a cool rhythmic feel.

This lesson will start at the beginner guitar level, and walk through the guitar chords in an easy, simplified way with a few easier, alternative ways to play the chords and the rhythm. You will learn how to play this song without using a guitar capo or barre chords.

The original song is played by Ed Sheeran with a fingerstyle approach to playing the chords which creates an interesting sound and rhythmic feel (but can be challenging for the beginner guitar player) This lesson teaches how to play that style in the second half of the lesson (starts at 11:17).

The first half of this guitar lesson focuses on a simpler way to play the song using a guitar pick and is geared more as a beginner guitar lesson.

You will also learn how to play easy chords as alternative versions of some of the more complicated guitar chords like the Bmin chord which is a barre chord. We also teach a simpler strumming pattern so that you can quickly start playing the song and then work on making your strum pattern more complex as you get more comfortable with the song.

Although this is a beginner guitar lesson, it also progresses to a more intermediate level, showing a more complicated strumming pattern and rhythm. As you become more comfortable in the chord progression and changing chords quickly, you can progress to the Ed Sheeran style of finger style guitar.


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