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I learned a lot of things I should have learned decades ago but couldn’t find anyone competent to learn from. It cleared up so much.

Anthony Marovich

Great course, awesome instructor! The course was a really fun to complete.

Alex A,

This is a really great course. I know nothing about guitar or music and I’ve already learned so much in just watching the first few videos. I even learned a bit about piano 🙂 Your teaching style is very clear and the video is very well done; it’s also great to have the e-book to read along I can’t wait to learn more. Thank you!

Lynnea Forrester,

I have been loving this course so far. I’ve been trying to learn guitar on my own through Youtube etc, but having a step by step course is what I need. The teacher here is really good and explains things very well.

Brian Connor,

Highly professional instructor with exceptional teaching skills. Easily understood instructions even for beginners and strongly recommended all his courses for music lovers.

Rolondo Marucut,

The PDF of this course is a tremendous/enormous help! I have playing guitar for many years, buying books , CD, DVD, & other references, but this is the clearest and informative resources I ever seen!

Jo Missi,

Finally a class that talks about how chords are made… Love how he shows how to create chord using major scale and how moving down the guitar neck works with capo/bar chords.

Dave E,

Love the explanations and the details. Great fun while learning at the same time. Would recommend this to any beginner.

Satish Ramakrishnan,

Although I’m only 10% in, I’m really loving how easy Troy makes it. I can play a few chords and know guitar tab but being told how things work and why certain things are like that is answering questions I’ve had in a really fun, easy to understand way. Can’t wait to get through the rest of the course.

Dan Clement,

This is a quick and complete fundamental overview. If you are a novice, this is a great place to start. The instructions are well organized and thoughtful to the beginner. Explanations and examples are clear and easy to follow along. The instructor is engaging and knowledgeable

Sheila Anderson,

Wow! Great teacher!! So easy to understand, follow and goes at exactly my pace!!! Love it!

Ginger Hesseltine,